Peacock Kaleidoscope in the Works

I’m starting a new etched kaleidoscope. This is going to be a marble scope in the shape of a pillow box.

The start of a successful etch!

The first step was to get the design onto the prepared brass. This is fussy business, touch up with markers or other resist is usually required.

Kaleidoscope Etching

After some TLC with inks and nail polish to touch up the missing areas in the bath it goes! In this case a good long swim was in order.

Etched brass ready for forming_

After 3 hours in the bath and some acetone cleanup we have a successful etch!

Etch Detail

Next steps in the is project are to form the two halves into a pillow box, make and etch the end caps, cut a little glass, make some mirror configurations for the and assemble. Stay tuned…